When Does Your Project Need a Suction Excavator?

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Excavator is a giant machine used in construction project. Excavation is available in some different types. Different types have different names, designs and functions. One of them is suction excavator. You may not be familiar with it because this excavator is not like popular types such as crawler, backhoe, dragline, etc. However, this machine is very useful. So, it is very important to know more detailed about this kind of excavator.

When Does Your Project Need a Suction Excavator? Images

How Does a Suction Excavator Look Like?

Compared to the other kinds of excavator, this excavator machine looks different from them. If the other excavator types come with a bucket, this one does not have it. However, it is equipped with a suction pipe. That is why it is also called as a vacuum excavator. For the wheels, it has 8 round big wheels so that this can be used on any kind of soil or field. This is also commonly bigger than the common excavators. However, it comes in different sizes.

What Are the Uses of Suction Excavator?

We all know that most excavators are used to dig soil, lift materials, drag debris, and something else like that. Different from the others, suction excavator is used to carry away loose debris and soil. It works by cutting with the teeth at the edge of its suction pipe. However, you cannot use or operate this excavator directly to the soil. Everything should be prepared as well as possible.

Before you start using or operating this suction excavator machine to carry away the loose debris or soil, you must use the water jet to loosen the soil. If you do not do it and directly carry away the loose debris or soil, it will not work because the soil is not loose. If the soil or debris is loose, then it can be carried away through the suction pipe of this excavator machine.

Where to Use a Suction Excavator

After you understand about the uses of this excavator, now you have to know about where to use it. For the application, this excavator is commonly and generally used in delicate places which require safe and careful exploration of underground element. So, it may not be used for the main project but it is just used for finishing. However, this suction excavator is very useful and helpful rather than you do the job manually. Hopefully this can be a guide for you who need this excavator for your project.

Description: Suction excavator or also well known as vacuum excavator is a type of heavy duty machine that is used to carry away loose debris or soil.

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