Wheel Loader Komatsu: 5 Leading Models

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For anyone who is paying attention to the industry, it is almost impossible to have not heard about wheel loader Komatsu. The Japanese transnational company is well known for its innovative approaches in developing construction, mining, and even plantation machines. Those innovations are reflected in its wheel loading machines that are often dubbed to be among the best within the industry. What makes the manufacturer’s wheel loading machine so infamous?

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Highlighted Features and Great Wheel Loader Komatsu Models

There are two main features that set wheel loader Komatsu apart from its contenders. The first highlighted feature is its traction. This machine is able to produce great traction to increase its performance optimally. It also means that the machine is safe enough since the chance of slipping is reduced. In addition to that, the manufacturer’s products tend to utilize less fuel if compared to other models within their class. In the long run, you will find the machine to be cheaper to operate due to lesser fuel consumption.

Here are some wheel loader Komatsu models that professionals have sworn by.

1. WA 270-8 Model
This model promises stability combined with exceptional traction. It is equipped with 6-cylinder engine that can produce power outcome up to 153 horsepower. The capacity of its bucket is about 2.5 m3. Its operating weight ranges from 12.88 to 13.3 tons. You will find smart traction control in this model. It is designed to have high fuel efficiency and less NOX emission as well.

2. WA 380-8 Model
The model is known to have the best breakout effort within its class. Its stability is also something that makes it different from other comparable products. It is designed to handle difficult excavating task. The power outcome of its engine is 192 horsepower. Its bucket (which has automatic filling mechanism) has maximum capacity of 6.5 m3. The operating weight of this particular model is around 18.5 to 20 tons.

3. WA 500-8 Model
This wheel loader Komatsu model is often utilized for loading and transporting tasks on site. It has great power, combined with stability and commendable traction. The machine has automatic excavating mechanism. It is also known to use less fuel (up to 7%) compared to other similar models. The model produces power output up to 357 horsepower. Bucket maximum capacity of this machine is 6.3 m3. Its operating weight is 35 tons.

4. WA 800-3 Model
800-3 model is known to be reliable and versatile for onsite work. It is because the great power and capacity that the model provides. Its powerful engine can produce up to 853 horsepower. With that power, you can perform many tasks such as digging and transporting effortlessly. Furthermore, you get 14 m3 bucket capacity with the machine. The operating weight of this model is 105 tons.

5. WA 1200-6 Model
The 1200-6 model is the most powerful wheel loader Komatsu model produced at the moment. It has the capacity up to 320 tons. Despite that, user can operate this engine with relative ease due to modulation in its clutch driving mechanism. Its engine can produce power outcome is 1892 horsepower. The bucket can handle up to 35 m3. It is a perfect tool for massive project.

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