Wheel Loader Hitachi Diverse Product Options

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When it comes to heavy duty machines, you can never doubt Hitachi. This mega manufacturer is known for its long history in the industry. There are many products that this manufacturer is famous of making, one of them is wheel loader Hitachi. The models offered by the manufacturer are very diverse. Whatever project you are working on that requires this specific type of machine, you will definitely find the right product within its listing. Aren’t you curious to see more about what this company has to offer?

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Wheel Loader Hitachi Product Options

Versatility is a key point of the product options provided by this manufacturer for the machine. It offers variety of products with wide ranges of sizes, power outputs, and capacities. The options are provided to cater people no matter what their lines of works are. The manufacturer’s models are also notoriously low maintenance. They also have great endurance too. Here are some wheel loader Hitachi product options based on recommendation from current and past users.

1. Model ZW 75-6
If you are looking for small but powerful wheel loader Hitachi model, then this one is a great option. The engine of this model produces up to 50 horsepower output. It can handle up to 5 tons of weight really easily. The maximum bucket capacity of this model is 1.5 m3. It can travel up to 30 kilometers per hour.

2. Model ZW 140
Do not judge a machine by its look. Despite its size and simple design, it is capable of performing small to mid tier level jobs quite easily. The engine is able to produce power outcome up to 129 horsepower. The breakout force of this machine reaches 92 kN. Its operating weight is around 10 tons. You get 2.3 m3 bucket capacity with this machine.

3. Model ZW 220 5-A
This wheel loader Hitachi is another exceptional product produced by the manufacturer. The power outcome rate from this model is measured at 194 horsepower. It has operating weight which ranges from 16 to 18 tons. You will be able to perform moderate kind of excavating job with its 4.4 m3 bucket capacity. It can cruise on sandy surface easily.

4. Model ZW 370 G
The 370 G can produce power output of 340 horsepower. With that power, you can handle mid tier work very easily. It also has good breakout effort that is measured at 223 to 265 kN. The operating weight of this particular model is slightly under 30 tons. It is supported with bucket that has maximum capacity of 7.5 m3. Stability is a great theme of this model. The machine has lower chance of slippage even when cruising on soft ground.

5. Model ZW 550-6
This wheel loader Hitachi model has power output up to 512 horsepower. It is able to handle operating weight to the extent of 47 tons as well. The maximum bucket capacity of this machine is 7 m3. There are other features that you will be able to find in this machine as well, such as low noise performance and smoother gear shifting. Operator will have all around visibility when utilizing this machine to help improving their performance.

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