What Are the Most Important Excavator Specs?

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Excavator becomes the right and best heavy duty equipment used in mining or construction project. It does not matter whether it is a small or big project because excavator is available in various sizes. You can also either buy or rent this machine. Anyway, you have to choose it carefully. You need to pay attention to excavator specs in detailed. Talking about the specs of this heavy duty machine, there are many things to focus. Here are the most important specs that you have to pay attention.

What Are the Most Important Excavator Specs? Images

Excavator Horsepower

One of the most important excavator specifications is related to the horsepower because it affects the performance. In this spec, you have to pay attention to the engine used. Different excavators may have different horsepower. Usually, the horsepower of excavator range from 1,000 to 4,000 horsepower. For the engine, we recommend you to prioritize diesel engine. However, horsepower is not the only spec you must know. There are still some other specs to know.

Excavator Bucket Digging Force

Talking about performance does not only relate to horsepower but also bucket digging force. This also belongs to excavator specs you should know. The digging force of excavator is measured in pound-force (lbf) or Newton (N). Excavators that come with bigger digging force will be able to break more resistant materials. That is why excavator is often used for demolition or destruction, too. The engine also affects the performance of the digging force produced by the excavator.

Excavator Maximum Reach

Specs of excavator also cannot be separated from maximum reach. It relates to the excavator arm equipped. The arm of excavator comes in different length. If you want to look for an excavator that has longer maximum reach, you can consider long arm / long reach excavator. There are many excavators where its maximum reach can be 40 meters. So, you have to know the field or the location where you will operate it.

Excavator Size

Another most important spec is related to the size. Excavator is available in different sizes. If you want to use it for small project of digging, you can use compact model. However, you must large excavators if you use it for mining or other great projects. Even though you may still need to consider other specs, those excavator specs are the most important and most vital t. So, you can find the suitable excavator by considering those main specs.

Description: Excavator specs that are most important relate to horsepower, bucket digging force, maximum reach and size.

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