Types and Functions of Excavator Boom

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In a construction project, we often find a great heavy duty equipment named excavator. Excavator comes in various types and models. An excavator has many important parts such as shoe, track frame, counterweight, cab, bucket, arm, boom, engine hydraulic pump, etc. One of the most important parts is boom. Excavator boom has an important role because it affects the strength or power. Therefore, we will discuss about this part in more detailed explanation.

Types and Functions of Excavator Boom Images

What Is the Function of Boom?

Every excavator always has a boom. Construction excavator boom can be said as the main lever on an excavator. It functions to actuate the arm up and down. This part is located at between the main body and the arm. So, boom should be designed as strong as possible. What actuates this boom is called as boom cylinder. So, both boom and boom cylinder are very important can cannot be separated. Boom without boom cylinder will not work and you cannot operate the excavator.

Different Types of Excavator Boom

Boom can be classified into 4 different types. You have to know each of them. The first type is called as mono boom. This kind of excavator boom has no movement apart from straight up & down. This is the simplest model. Of course the price of excavator with mono boom is less expensive compared to the other excavator with different booms. The second type is knuckle boom. Some excavators come with a knuckle boom. This kind of boom is more flexible than the first one because it can move right and left in line with the excavator. This is the better choice than the first one.

The third type is hinged boom. This boom is more flexible than excavator mono boom and knuckle boom. This one has a hinge at the boom base. The hinge allows it to pivot up hydraulically to 180 degrees independent to the house. This type of boom is commonly available on compact excavators only. Another type is triple-articulated boom (TAB). Even though it is rare, sometimes an excavator with this type of boom is needed in a project.

That is all what you need to know about excavator boom. Anyway, boom belongs to the most important attachment on an excavator. So, when you want to buy or rent an excavator, you have to pay attention to the whole parts as careful as possible, including the boom.

Description: Excavator boom is one of the parts or attachments on a heavy duty machine. It functions to actuate excavator arm. It comes in some types.

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