The Lineup of Wheel Loader Caterpillar

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Caterpillar is a renowned producer of construction machines and other heavy equipments. The Illinois-based company has been producing such engines for decades. It is not a wonder that the company is well versed in developing high quality products. Wheel loader Caterpillar models are among the most well known wheel loading machines in the market. They are used by professional to tackle diverse projects, from small to massive ones. Let’s see what kind of features offered by the company’s wheel loader lineup.

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Great Things about Wheel Loader Caterpillar Lineup

There are plenty of features offered by the lineup of wheel loader Caterpillar. However, some features are really making the company’s products stand up among their peers. The first quality that people see in its models is the comfort for user. Many models tend to focus more on the power and performance while overlooking this particular criterion. User will be able to cruise breezily with one of the manufacturer’s wheel loading machine. It is designed to be navigated very easily. In addition to that, you can spend hours running the console without getting tired easily due to its ergonomic seating.

Stability is also something that makes the wheel loader Caterpillar models very popular in the market. Its design is made to reduce excessive vibration. You will be able to use it when doing various projects even in the most challenging job sites. This also ensures safety for worker who is operating the construction machine. In general, there are three categories available within the product lineup. What are they?

1.Big-size Model
Models that are mentioned in this category are more likely to be used in massive scale projects since they have high power output and bigger capacity. The power output produced by machines in the category ranges from 278 to nearly 1300 kilowatt. It has high operating weight too. The 994k model is capable of handling operating weight more than 242 tons. The bucket capacity is highly varied. You get up to 24.5 m3 bucket capacity with the 994k model. Other leading models listed within this category are 988k (specifically for lumbers) and 990k (for handling steels).

2.Medium-size Model
For projects that are not too big, you may find the medium-size wheel loader Caterpillar models sufficient in catering your needs. The biggest difference from this model category to the big-size one is power and capacity. Other features including user comfort, fuel efficiency, and easy navigation remains similar. The power outcomes produced by engines in the models tend to vary from 150 to under 300 kilowatt. Such power range is enough to tackle small to mid level projects. The most powerful model within this category is 980L with 278 kilowatt power production and 12.2 m3 bucket capacity. Other models that are recommended include 962L and 950GC.

3.Compact-size Model
The manufacturer also provides a compact size wheel loader Caterpillar model named 908k. It is used in small projects. If you need to do light excavating job in small area, this machine is perfect. Its power output is around 51 kilowatt. The bucket capacity of this machine is 1.1 m3.

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