Smart Buyer: Choosing Between New and Used Wheel Loader

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Despite being pivotal equipment in construction, many construction companies are still hesitant about investing on a loading machine or wheel loader. Such tool is definitely not cheap therefore thoughtful considerations must be made. People are still torn between purchasing new and used wheel loader. They do not know which one is better for them. Knowing the differences between the two conditions may help you making informed decision.

Smart Buyer: Choosing Between New and Used Wheel Loader Images

Differences between New and Used Wheel Loader

There are many aspects that differentiate new and used wheel loader. The following aspects are considered to be the most important ones, especially in relation to buying decision. Let’s look at them.

The main reason for a company to opt for purchasing used loader is the fact that it would be significantly cheaper than buying a new unit. The price of a new loader ranges from $40,000 to more than $100,000. If the company does not have enough budgets to spare, then purchasing a used unit is smarter choice since its price can be half than that amount. Even then, the next aspects must be considered too during the buying process.

Thorough Inspection on the Condition
The difference of new and used wheel loader during purchase is the fact that buyer must conduct thorough inspection when purchasing the used one. You should make sure that your loader is at top condition despite being used. Buyer should also be aware of its history from when it was purchased as new to its usage. Here are several things that you must scrutinize.

  • Protective frame structure
  • Making sure that the articulation point is not worn
  • Stability during the operation and center console
  • Checking the bucket and other attachments including their mechanisms while at work
  • Engine system (particularly leakage and dents)

Warranty from the Manufacturer
As expected, when you are purchasing a used unit, you will not be able to get warranty from the manufacturer (unless you are purchasing a unit during warranty period). Therefore you must be doing the second aspect very carefully. If there is a glitch from using the used unit, you may have to pay significant amount of money since it will not be covered by the dealer and manufacturer.

Trusted Dealer
In both buying new and used wheel loader cases, you must still look for trusted dealer. The dealer must be experienced in this case, particularly if you are buying the used one. That will be a little trickier than buying the new one if you are not knowledgeable. You should look for licensed dealer around your area to purchase a used unit. Continue to educate yourself about this matter.

Other Features
Another difference in purchasing new and used wheel loader is the fact that you will be missing out some new technologies found in new units if purchasing the used and old one. New units today are equipped with fuel efficient technology and low emission one. They also have more sophisticated console. By purchasing used product, you will be less likely to enjoy those beneficial features.