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Micro Excavator Type and What Makes It Different than the Smallest of the Standard Type

Micro Excavator Type and What Makes It Different than the Smallest of the Standard Type

There are all sorts of excavator types out there. Of all types, the standard type might be the one you have heard much everywhere since it is popular with its versatility. Sure, 6-tonne excavator is the smallest one of this type, but it is not the smallest one of all types. Why, of course, it is because there is micro excavator type after all. Let’s go into it further and see what the difference is below.

Micro Excavator Type and What Makes It Different than the Smallest of the Standard Type Images

Super Light Weight of the Machine Design

First thing first, we’ve got to reveal the weight of the machine. It shows the clearest difference between this micro type and the smallest one of the standard type. Did you know? While the standard type weighs from 6 to over 500 tonnes, this micro equipment type weighs from even zero to merely 5 tonnes. You can then imagine it yourself just how mini the machine design of its body is.

Best Suited for Projects Covering Small Area

Just because it looks very small and compact, it does not mean that it can’t be helpful in any ways. Each type has something it is best at after all. In this case, this type would be the perfect one to go when you are planning on doing small area projects. Small machine does better precision than the others, you see. For small projects that need this, there is nothing better than micro excavator type.

Flexibility in Tight Space of Construction Site

What we can benefit more from the size of this machine would be its flexibility in tight space. Why wouldn’t it be? It is small after all, so it is easier to travel around on small-sized ground. Surely, this is something that you would not be able to expect from big machine. That is why working with mini excavator type is the best when you are doing details for your excavation plan. It is one to note of it.

Used for Backyard Projects for Home Exterior

What do you think excavation projects in small area would be? You must have wanted to know just what the machine can do, right? Well, mostly, small machine like this would be used for backyard projects to design the exterior of one’s home. So, to be exact, micro excavator type is the best to work on swimming pool, fish pond, garden, or any landscaping projects needing ground excavation.

Description: Micro excavator type is the smallest one of all types there are in this world. It is super light and flexible, making it best for backyard projects of small area.

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