Long Reach Excavator for Demolition and Destruction

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Do you know about excavator? It is a heavy duty tool that is commonly used in a construction project. There are many functions of excavator such as for digging, dragging, lifting, and there are still many others. Based on the design and use, this machine is divided into some types. One of the types is long reach excavator. As its name, this excavator has long arm as well as boom section. Compared to the other types, it has longer arm. For the further discussion, let’s see the following article.

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The Function of Long Reach Excavator

Generally, excavator is used for digging, excavating, dragging, and something else like that. Different from the common excavators, long arm excavator is designed for demolition or destruction tasks. For example, this is appropriate for breaking down a building’s wall. Besides that, this is also useful for procedural structural crumpling.

Types of Long Reach Excavator

Based on the length and weight, this excavator is divided into 3 categories. The first is heavy excavator. This type is available in 5 different options. The first is 27 meter 115 tonne. Besides that, 25 meter 80 tonne also belongs to this classification. Heavy long reach excavator also includes 21 meter 115 tonne. Then, there is also 21 meter 80 tonne. The last option is 20 meter 55 tonne.

The second type is mid-range long range excavator. It also comes in 5 different choices. The first choice is 15 meter 24 tonne. The second option is 18 meter 30 tonne. Then, 18 meter 38 tonner also belongs to mid-range type. You can also consider 20 meter 38 tonne. Another option to choose is 22 meter 38 tonne.

The last type is light excavator. As its name, we can guess that this comes with shorter arm and lighter weight. It is available in 3 different options. The first is ZX130 where it comes in 13 meter 17 tonne. The second option is ZX85 with 10 meter 10 tonne. Another choice for you is ZX26 that comes in 6 meter 4 tonne.

After knowing all the types available, now you can decide which type you will need. You should adjust it to your project. The larger the location is, the longer it the arm should be. You can choose it rightly by considering how long the excavator can reach. Anyway, long reach excavator is very useful in many projects of construction especially in destruction and demolition.

Description: Long reach excavator is a heavy duty machine used in construction project like demolition / destruction. It comes in 3 types: heavy, mid-range and light.

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