How to Use Excavator like an Expert

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­Excavator is a machine that is usually used to dig, excavate, and drag soil. It may be rent or sold. So, if you need this heavy duty machine, you can either rent or buy one. Commonly, this machine is used in a project of construction. Because it belongs to large machine, it is not easy to operate. Therefore, it is very important to know how to use excavator. In this article, we will discuss it in detailed with step by step.

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Step by Step How to Use an Excavator

Actually, it is simple if you see the steps how to operate excavator. What makes it feel difficult is because you may not be familiar with it. Besides that, the heavy weight and big shape make this machine a little bit difficult compared to operating other vehicles like bus, car, etc. The first thing you should do is to operate the blade of the excavator. You must lower the left control in position and then put on your safety belt. You must control the excavator blade to the far right to operate it.

After that, you move up and down the blade. Just pull back the blade and it will go up. To make the blade go down, just push it forward. You should set it hard into the ground before you start excavating. The next step how to use excavator is to control the left joystick. While controlling left joystick, you should rotate the bucket and cab to the left by tilting the wrist towards the left side. To rotate it to the right, just do the contrary. You can also lower and raise the excavator boom.

Next, you need to control the right joystick & push that forward to tilt out the bucket. If you want to tilt in the bucket, juts push it backward. You can also scoop by tilting it towards you and then the bucket will curl in. To make it curl away, you just need to tilt away the bucket from you. The last step how to use an excavator is to dig a hole. Practice the control to develop the coordination to dig a hole & then put dirt anywhere.

That is all what you have to follow how to use excavator. It is simple, is not it? Now, if you want to learn operating an excavator because you work in a project of construction, you can follow those steps now. However, it should be under the trainer’s attention.

Description: How to use excavator can be done with some basic steps. In this article, we share step by step how to operate it.

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