How to Maintain Excavator Undercarriage to Optimize the Life Span

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One of the most important parts of excavator is its undercarriage. Excavator undercarriage is a kind of component of heavy duty equipment that should be maintained. By maintaining that component, your excavator will function properly and be more durable. If you do not maintain it in routine, it will cost much money when it does not work or breaks down. That is why you have to know how to maintain excavator undercarriage. There are some tips that you can follow.

How to Maintain Excavator Undercarriage to Optimize the Life Span Images

Keep It Clean

The first tip is to keep your excavator undercarriage always clean. How to clean excavator undercarriage should focus on cleaning out debris, dirt, or other stains. After you use it in a construction project, you have to clean the undercarriage so that it can be used in the next time well. Before you use an excavator, you also have to make sure that its undercarriage is in a clean condition. If you do not clean the undercarriage up, it can cause premature wear on the components especially in a cold area. In addition, debris also adds weight that leads to reducing fuel economy.

Inspect Undercarriage Components in Routine

There are many components on the undercarriage of an excavator. So, how to maintain excavator undercarriage requires you inspect some components. You have to inspect drive motor, main idlers & rollers, drive sprockets, track bolts, rock guards, track tension, and track shoes. If you often the excavator, you have to make sure that those components are not out of place and in good conditions. So, you must follow the manufacturer’s guides how to operate and maintain an excavator.

Follow Basic Practices

Some tips how to care for excavator undercarriage that can minimize track & undercarriage wear are as follow. Firstly, you should make wider turn. Besides that, you have to minimize slope time. Then, it is also very important to avoid harsh environment. Next, you can reduce unneeded spinning. In addition, you also must choose the right show width. Lastly, you have to choose the suitable grouser.

Do the Proper Operation Procedures

As we know, excavator can be used for digging, excavating, lifting, dragging, etc. Whatever you use it, you have to follow the proper procedures of operation. By following these tips how to maintain excavator, you can minimize the risk of component breakage. So, the life span of your excavator will be much longer.

Description: How to maintain excavator undercarriage can be done with some these tips. You should follow these tips if you do not want to find some components broken that lead to cost money for the reparation or replacement.

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