Finding Best Mini Excavator for You

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In a project of construction, you often need an excavator, a heavy duty machine that function for digging dragging, excavating lifting, etc. Excavator comes in different sizes. So, you have to choose an excavator with the suitable size for the area of the construction project. Even though this machine is well known as big machine, some excavators have smaller sizes. Mini excavator is appropriate for a construction project with small space. If you need it, you should pay attention to this guide.

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Why Do You Need a Mini Excavator?

Compared to large models, small excavator is easier to transport to the location of construction. The smaller size does not mean to be underpowered. Even more, some of them can produce bigger power. Besides that, it also allows you maneuver this excavator easily in a narrower area of construction. Mostly, they can be rotated 360 degrees. So, you do not need to worry that this machine will cause damage to anything around.

How to Find the Best Mini Excavator

If you want to buy an excavator with small size, you have to pay attention to some considerations. For your information, they commonly weigh 18,700 pounds or lighter. Even though they have similar functions and sizes, they come with different features. That is why buying a mini excavator cannot be done carelessly. Firstly, you have to pay attention to the engine power and cab design. You have to make sure that the power meets what you need and choose whether you want open or enclosed cab. Besides that, you also have to consider about the configurations of boom and tail.

Then, you must choose whether you prefer a mini constriction excavator with rubber track or steel track. Each of them has its own benefit. Steel is durable whereas rubber minimizes surface damage. You also have to decide whether you want an excavator with fixed or retractable undercarriage design. Lastly, you must consider certain attachments. If you plan these tips carefully, you will get an excavator that meets your need.

Top Choices of Mini Excavator

What is the best mini excavator? There are many options that you can choose. Wacker Neuson Compact Excavator 1404 can be considered as the best choice. Alternatively, you can choose New Holland Compact Excavator E18B. Then, it will also be a good idea to consider Caterpillar 301.5 Mini Hydraulic Excavator. These guides can be used for buying or renting mini excavator.

Description: Mini excavator has many advantages compared to larger options. To find the best choice, you can consider these tips and recommended options.

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