Excavator Sizes: Mini, Standard, Large

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We often find where a giant machine is used in a construction project. That machine is called as excavator. Excavator comes in different shapes and sizes. The size depends on the project itself whether it is small construction project or big construction project. In relation to excavator sizes, there are different classifications. Excavator is available in mini, standard and large sizes. In this article, we will discuss them all one by one.

Excavator Sizes: Mini, Standard, Large Images

Mini Excavator

The smallest size of excavator is called as mini excavator. This is the smallest model available. This model includes micro excavator which weighs maximally 800 kilograms. It can be less heavy than 800 kg. Besides that, it may also be an excavator which averages about 3,000 kilograms. Then, this model also includes mini version which may be upwards of six tonnes. So, if there is an excavator that is heavier than this, it means that excavator does not belong to mini model. It may belong to standard or large ones.

Because of the small size, weight and capacity, this excavator is best for a construction project in small sites or other lighter works. The compact structure allows it manoeuver in a confined area and it also minimizes damages to the landscapes. One of the examples is zero tail swing excavator. It was found in 1993 by Yanmar. As one of the smallest excavator sizes, this one is suited to tight spaces. This excavator has rear counterweight so that it can keep the balance when it is used to lift heavy loads. Besides that, it can also rotate 360 degrees with no risk of crashing into the objects around.

Standard Excavator

The second size is standard. An excavator belongs to standard size if it ranges from 10 metric tonnes to 40 metric tonnes. Commonly, it is used for the operations that are more damaging. Besides that, spatial constraints as well as landscape damage will not be a problem for this standard excavator. That is why there are many construction projects that use this one.

Large Excavator

The last one is large excavator. It is commonly used for extremely damaging projects, weight from 40 tonnes to 70 tonnes. The sheer bulk makes it appropriate for heavy industrial uses. After knowing the differences of excavator sizes above, now you can compare and decide which size of excavator you will need for your construction project.

Description: Excavator sizes are classified into 3 different models. They are mini excavator, standard excavator and large excavator. You must choose based on your construction project.

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