Excavator Productivity in Construction Project

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Excavator is a heavy duty machine usually used in construction project. Some people call it backhoe. However, backhoe belongs to excavator. In fact, backhoe belongs to one of the most popular types of excavator. If you have a project related to construction, you need an excavator. You have to identify what excavator is suitable for your construction project. In this article, we will discuss about this heavy duty machine in more detailed, including about excavator productivity.

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The Applications of Excavator

Excavator can be used for some applications. It depends on the project you have. The most common application is to dig soils. It can be muddy, rocky, or other kinds of soil. Besides that, excavator is also often used to lift heavy materials such as concrete, steels, etc. Even more, excavator is also used to cut materials in some construction projects. The next application is to distribute soils evenly. It may be done before building a large building in a low soil or ravine. Another common application is to implant pole.

The Parts of Excavator

There are many parts of excavator. You have to know about each part. The first is bucket. It relates to excavator capacity that affects the productivity. Then, there is bucket cylinder that moves the bucket. The next is arm cylinder that plays the arm. Arm functions to play the bucket. The next part is boom cylinder which moves the boom. Boom is a lever activator for the arm. Then, there is cabin as the leader’s room. The last is tracker as its wheels. All those parts affect excavator productivity so that they are very important.

The Productivity of Excavator

Different excavators may have different productivities. It depends on the type. Talking about excavator performance, we will use standard excavator as the example. A standard excavator can dig soil up to more than 100 m3 per hour. It depends on the depth. Mini excavator will have smaller productivity and large excavator will have bigger productivity. This excavator performance can shows the images of its productivity.

How to Get an Excavator

If you need an excavator for your construction business, there are 2 ways how to get this equipment. The first is you buy this. This option is appropriate for you who have long term project in construction. Alternatively, you can rent it. In this case, you have to consider excavator productivity so that you can decide how long you will rent it.

Description: Excavator productivity is very important to know in construction project. Usually, this machine is rented per hour.

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