Dragline Excavator for Civil Engineering Project

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Today, we can find various heavy duty equipment used in construction project. One of the most common ones is excavator. Excavator comes in some different types. Different types have different sizes and designs. So, the applications are also different from one to another. Talking about the types of excavator, we may not be familiar with dragline. Even though it is not as popular as crawler, backhoe, and others, dragline excavator is often used in many big projects. If you want to know more about dragline, let’s discuss it farther.

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Dragline Excavator Design

Compared to the other types of excavator, dragline machine is bigger and larger. So, it can be said that dragline is the biggest type of excavator. Because of that, of course the application is also larger. Besides the big body, this excavator also has longer arm compared to the other kinds of excavator. So, it can reach farther. What makes it different is that dragline comes with some strong cables to help the bucket in lifting or pulling heavy loads.

Types of Dragline Excavator

Furthermore, dragline is divided into 2 types. The first is on-site dragline. It is a big excavator that is assembled & built on site. The second type is standard dragline. This dragline excavator is usually larger than backhoes but smaller than on-site dragline. So, if the project is at a standard area, it will be better to use a standard dragline. However, for the larger sites, you should consider using on-site dragline. Therefore, you have to use dragline based on your project. You have to plan it properly.

Dragline Excavator Applications

Usually, on-site dragline excavator or the standard one is used in a great project like civil engineering. For example, they need a dragline for canal dredging. On-site excavator is too large and the weight can damage roads. That is why it is built on site. So, it is transported partially before being built at the location where you will do your job in the construction project.

Now, you have understood about dragline. In conclusion, dragline is different from other types of excavator. So, you cannot use dragline in any construction project. You also cannot drive it on the roads because it is too heavy. Therefore, you can only use dragline excavator in its purpose. Hopefully this will be a useful guide for you who have a great project and can decide whether it requires a dragline or not.

Description: Dragline excavator is the biggest excavator machine. It is divided into standard and on-site dragline. The second one is a dragline that is constructed and built at the location where it will be used.

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