Classifying Heavy Duty Class Wheel Loader Units

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Frankly, it is absolutely impossible to handle massive scale construction projects (e.g.: building apartments and roads) if you do not have proper equipment. Wheel loader is considered essential in many construction projects, more so if the scale is big. You will need heavy duty class wheel loader to handle such task. How can an excavator unit passed as a heavy duty unit? What to look for in such unit? You are going to learn more about it in the following section.

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Classifying a Heavy Duty Class Wheel Loader

There are plenty loader models that are distributed in the market out there. Each product has different specifications. These points will help you understand about how a unit is categorized as a heavy duty class wheel loader.

Power Output
Small loader can already produce high power output (usually the range is under 100 horsepower). However, the power output releases by a heavy duty loader is magnificent. One unit sample is capable of producing more than 500 horsepower. With such power, the machine will be able to move heavy objects from one place to another very easily. It can dig very wide spot in short time. Even with just a machine, you can improve your work efficiency by tenfold.
Operating Weight

If you want to call a unit as heavy duty class wheel loader, usually the unit will have hefty operating weight. Operating weight is the total weight of machine with additional weight of the machine’s operator and fuel in the tank. Usually, within this class has operating weight which ranges around more than 20 tons. With such weight, you will have more stable operation. It is also easier to tackle difficult field with it. Of course, massive loader like this may not be suitable for inner city operations.

Bucket Capacity
Normally when you are purchasing an excavator loader, you will get a bucket attachment. This attachment helps you to carry and digging things. The bucket capacity for machine that is considered to be this class would be more than 20 m3. You can perform quick digging with such bucket attachment as well as carrying larger volume of construction items. However, this attachment is not enough for classification of heavy duty class wheel loader.

There are other attachments that you must be investing on when purchasing such heavy duty machine. Since the size of this machine would be large, you must be looking for fitting attachments as well. Many kinds of attachments are available including rake, grappler, and swinger. Usually the loader manufacture also produces attachments which are sold separately from the main machine. You should purchase the compatible ones in order to ensure that you can utilize it fully.

Those four characteristics help classifying loader units as heavy duty class wheel loader. Knowledge about this is important because each manufacture will have its own categories about what could be called light, middle, and heavy tier units. Hopefully, the information provided is clear enough for you to grasp so you can have better gist when facing tough decision of buying such equipment.