Benefits and Advantages of Telescopic Wheel Loaders

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A telescopic wheel loader is the kind of loader for construction needs. This type of wheel loader is usually massive in size and it has extended, telescopic arm that can be lifted higher compared to the arm of a regular loader. The main purpose of using this type of heavy machinery is to lift heavier, rougher materials that won’t be scooped and lifted easily using compact wheel loader. Find out more information about this loader down below.

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The Benefits of Using Telescopic Wheel Loaders

What are the benefits of using telescopic wheel loader? Why can’t you just use regular loader with lifting bucket attached to it? Well, the telescopic type of loader has a lot of great functions. Of course, it will give numerous benefits, too. Here are the benefits of using this type of loader that most construction workers will find it helpful.

Extremely High Thrust Forces
The main benefit of using telescopic wheel loader is that the user can get higher thrust forces. Most of this type of loader will use the technology called the HTF or the High Traction Force. This technology allows the loader to regulate the thrust constantly and with a lot of power. As the result, the loader will have no difficulties in producing high thrust force.

Easier When Going Uphill
The wheel loader with telescopic type is usually using the piston-bent axis motor and it is powered by automatic speed regulator. This is why it will be easier for them to go uphill. The gear and engine do not have to be shifted down manually to do that. This is why the telescopic loaders are usually found on the heavier terrain and extreme construction sites, such as one by the cliff.

Faster Loading to the Bucket
Because the telescopic wheel loader has the ability to produce more lift height, it will improve its speed on the bucket loading, too. The arm of the loader can be extended to a maximum length and allow it to reach the bucket in no time at all. It will make sure that the bucket will be filled by the materials in faster amount of time. This feature helps the construction job to be done in shorter time.

Greater Lift on Heavier Materials
Regular wheel loaders are great for lifting and carrying materials such as sand, wooden blocks, bricks, and many more. However, for heavier types of materials, such as big rocks, building debris, roofing and flooring residues, and a lot of more, the lifting capacity and the strength of the loader must be way bigger. This is why the suitable type of loader for this purpose is the telescopic one.

It is clear now that the loader has better stability; more lift height, more lift capacity, and so on. For bigger and heavier construction project, surely this is the type of loader that everyone will need. The telescopic wheel loader will make it easier to get the job done, particularly on the purpose of scooping and moving away the heavier materials.