Backhoe Excavator for Digging, Dragging, Excavating

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Today, the project of construction is more and more in many sites. It can be seen from many new buildings in these days such as hotels, factories, and other buildings. In this project, there are many activities that require a heavy duty equipment or machine named excavator. Excavator is made in different types. From many types available, backhoe is one of the most common excavator types used in construction projects. In this article, we will discuss about backhoe excavator in more detailed.

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The Design of Backhoe

Firstly, let’s talk about the design of backhoe excavator machine. It has 4 large and thick wheels that can be used on any kind of fields. You can use it on muddy soils, rocky soils, watery soils, etc. The main characteristic can be seen from the bucket where its bucket is bigger than crawler excavator and it faces towards. The larger bucket allows the bigger capacity. Backhoe is available in 3 different sizes. They are mini backhoe, standard backhoe and large backhoe. Different projects may need different sizes of backhoe.

What for Is Backhoe?

There are many uses of backhoe. The most common use is for distributing soils evenly. Besides that, backhoe excavator can also be used to dig foundation, rivers, trenches, holes, soils, etc. Then, it is also useful to be used to drag away piles of materials to other places. This is also often used for mining excavation. In addition, backhoe is also able to lift heavy loads and hold debris or materials. So, if you have a construction project that relates to these applications, you can consider using a backhoe to make the jobs easier.

The Performance of Backhoe

Compared to the partners like crawler, dragline, suction excavator, and others, back hoe excavator is rather smaller. So, it can be operated more easily. The round wheels also make this excavator easy to run. Because of the smaller size, backhoe is commonly used in smaller project or space. For example, it is used in construction and foundation building. How good is it? Because of the larger bucket, it is very effective to bring soil, debris, or others. So, if you want to distribute soils evenly, backhoe becomes the most effective one compared to other excavators.

In conclusion, backhoe excavator is very helpful in construction or foundation building project. It is also easy to operate. Like the other types of excavator, backhoe can also rotate easily to 360 degrees. So, do you need a backhoe for your construction works?

Description: Backhoe excavator is the most common type today. In construction or foundation building, it can be used for dragging, digging, distributing soils, etc.

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