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Langley Excavator Info was established in 2013 to provide information about excavators and wheel loaders. Our founder, Rodolfo T Nelson, contributes fully to every information on this site. He emphasized the accuracy, actual, informative and direct facts for the accuracy of information of goods.

In 2019, we made a new breakthrough by changing the look of the blog as a suggestion for information. Since then we have focused exclusively on information sources such as parts, brands and prices of excavators and wheel loaders of all well-known brands.

Today, making history about the accuracy of information both about the excavator and wheel loader on a regular basis. We do all this not merely for commercial purposes but also as proof that there are still many enthusiasts in excavators and wheel loaders out there.

We operate 24 hours, in making content and articles taken from various sources, and hopefully useful for all of you who get information from our site, our site does not work with third parties (brands) contained in our articles, this site only writes and reviewing excavators and wheel loaders with joy.

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