4 Top Excavator Brands in the World

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If you have a project related to construction or mining, you need heavy duty equipment called excavator. Excavator is a machine used for digging, dragging, excavating, etc. It is available in various models. Besides that there are also many brands available. So, if you want to buy it, you must choose the best brand. In relation to excavator brands, we will share the best options to choose in this article below.

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Caterpillar / Cat Excavator

More than 90 years, Caterpillar (Cat) becomes one of the most famous brands of excavator. This heavy machine manufacturing industry is headquartered in Peoria, Illinois. Now, they have so many distribution centers over the world in more than 180 countries. So, if you are confused to find the best brand for an excavator, it will be a good idea for you to prioritize Caterpillar (Cat) because of the good popularity. So, the quality is undoubted.

Bobcat Excavator

Bobcat Company is headquartered in West Fargo in North Dakota. It is a company that manufactures construction machines since 1947. There are so many people who become their loyal customers. Anyway, Bobcat is reasonable to be considered as one of the most recommended excavator brands. Bobcat Company focuses on compact excavators. So, their products are appropriate for basic digging project. If you are interested in a compact excavator like crawler, we recommend you to buy it at Bobcat Company.

Volvo Excavator

There is a company named Volvo Construction Equipment. They produce many construction machines including excavator. Volvo becomes the brand of their products. Since 19th century, Volvo Construction Equipment has become one of the most popular excavator companies. They are headquartered in Belgium especially Brussels. They focus on wheeled, crawler and compact excavators. So, if you want to buy a new excavator, you can trust your need to their high quality product. Because of the quality, it is reasonable if Volvo Construction Equipment now leads in construction industry.

Hitachi Excavator

Hitachi Construction Machinery (HCM) was founded in 1970. It is headquartered in Tokyo. Now, they become one of the leaders in manufacturing heavy construction machines. They focus on large excavator so that their products are appropriate for mining or great construction projects. Even though there are still many other excavator brands available, however those options should be prioritized. After deciding the brand, you must choose the model and size of excavator.

Description: Excavator brands are various. These popular brands or companies have high quality. So, you must prioritize them.

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