4 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Operating Excavator to Keep the Risk Lower

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Most big projects of home building have always been in the need of digging the ground for foundation or something. To do so, of course we would find the need of using big machines, like excavator. However, operating excavator on your own is not a simple feat. Just as much as things to do, there are things you are not supposed to do as well. Let’s see what we shouldn’t do here then.

4 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Operating Excavator to Keep the Risk Lower Images

Do Not Carry Even One More Extra Person Along

First thing first, this machine is not vehicle for transportation to begin with. Even big excavators are meant for one driver only, let alone the small ones. Make sure to pay attention here. You are not allowed to carry extra people to sit along inside the cramped cabin. It is weight lifting machine we are talking about here. So, the weight it focuses on shouldn’t be the materials not the passengers.

Do Not Swing the Arm Without Care in the World

Even if you are using excavator of small size, it is still big machine we have here. Since you operate from inside to swing the arm around to dig the ground and lift materials from there, operating excavator is not something that can be done with carelessness. People are bound to be around after all, even in construction area. So, do the job slowly and carefully, while you look what’s around you.

Do Not Keep Your Machine Attachments Up High

You might not currently be using the machine to dig the ground and lift things up. You might just travel around from place to place with it at the moment. However, you’ve got to still pay attention to what’s around you. For the safety sake of all people and things, excavator attachments must not be kept up high. Just make sure to keep them low as you make your travel with it wherever you are.

Do Not Turn On the Machine When It is Not Used

One last thing you need to pay attention to is for when the machine is not in use. For whatever reason it might be, you shouldn’t leave the machine on in such state. Operating excavator is not the only time when you have to be careful after all. Surely, you don’t want random person to unintentionally drive it, right? It can pose danger to everyone. So, be sure to turn it off when unused.

Description: Operating excavator has several things that you should pay attention to not do. Mostly, for safety sake, you have to be careful when working with it.

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