4 Things to Do with Mini Excavator Machine Before You Sit on the Operator’s Seat

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As you might have known, there are many sizes of excavator. However, each size range has its own proper use you need to pay attention to. Mini excavator machine would be different with the big one. If you are going with the mini one, here are things you need to do before you sit on the operator’s seat and drive the machine around to start whatever project you plan to do on an area.

4 Things to Do with Mini Excavator Machine Before You Sit on the Operator’s Seat Images

Giving the Machine A Try on A Level Ground

First thing first, of course it is a must to give the machine a try yourself, whichever the size is. However, for mini excavator, we suggest you to familiarize yourself with the operation of the machine on a level ground. Generally, small excavator machine is stable in its work. It has very good balance after all. But, there is risk of overturning in initial stage. Be sure to get some practice first.

Checking for All Kinds of Potential Hazards

It is machine we are dealing with, however small it is. So, we need to be wary of any potential hazards it might possibly cause in the future. Those potential hazards might include damaged tracks, dripping fluids, and oil leaks. Even in mini excavator machine, things like this can happen. So, be sure to check these or any other possibilities that might endanger yourself and the people around you.

Paying Attention to Coolant and Lubricant

Machine needs something to cool it down when it gets too hot. It also needs lubricant so that the engine parts can easily move together.  They are responsible for the functionality of the machine. So, if you don’t want it to go malfunction later in the middle of your work, you need pay attention to their levels from time to time. It can be the best excavator machine if it can function properly, right?

Finding Out the Location of Fire Extinguisher

You know, anything can happen while you are working with machine. That is why you are not allowed to be careless with it, even if you are using mini excavator machine and not the big one. Since fire can even happen in machines like this, you’ve got to find out the location of your fire extinguisher. In case something does happen, you will be able to snatch it and calm the fire with.

Description: Mini excavator machine should be tried first in practice before starting the job. You need to make sure the safety and functionality by checking some things too.

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