4 Things to Do to the Mini Excavation Machine at the End of the Day’s Operations

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After you are done working on the excavation plan with your machine, it does not mean that you can just turn it off and leave it somewhere around the area. That would be not proper for all sorts of reasons. Even there are things to do to the mini excavation machine at the end of the day’s operations after all. Let’s see what those things could be in this opportunity then. Here we go below.

4 Things to Do to the Mini Excavation Machine at the End of the Day’s Operations Images

Park the Mini Machine in Proper Position and State

Of course, you will have to start by parking the machine itself. Not just everywhere will do. For parking space of this machine, you need one with level surface. Also, you need to make sure the machine does not topple over on its own when you leave it be. So, we suggest you to keep the bucket and blade lower to the ground. Mini machine of excavation would be safely parked like this.

Set the RPM Low and Raise the Pilot Shut-Off Lever

Your job is not done with just parking the machine on level surface. Even before you switch off the engine with your key, there is something you need to do. It would be none other than to set the RPM to low. Also, you can’t possibly leave this mini excavation machine while the pilot shut-off lever is still on. So, before exiting the machine, you’ve got to raise the lever to the off position for this one.

Avoid the Condensation by Refilling Machine Tank

When it comes to this machine we are talking about here, you can’t definitely let the fuel tank to gather condensation. Doing so will influence the function of the machine after all. So, in order to avoid condensation, this machine for excavation must have its tank refilled at the end of each day. Make sure though, you choose the appropriate diesel fuel as written in the manual of the machine.

Lock the Doors and Hatches for Maximum Safety

The last thing to do here is to lock all the doors and hatches of the machine. Well, of course, you don’t want unknown person to take control of your machine with fake key, right? If your excavator is parked outdoor, giving it proper lock is a must to do. Even mini excavation machine is valuable equipment in construction. So, don’t give less care to it and keep it all-locked at the end of the day.

Description: Mini excavation machine has its proper treatment when not used at the end of the day, right from the parking to even the lock for all its doors and hatches.

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